Mulderrigs Renew London Office Contract

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We’re Still Here During The Covid-19 Lockdown

We hope you’re keeping safe during the lockdown.

You know the drill by now:-

Stay Home – Save Lives – Protect The NHS

We know how serious it is – Mr M has already had his own brush with the coronavirus. But happily now on the mend.

Everyone at Mulderrigs is very well set up for working from home during the lockdown. So we are all beavering away on behalf of our clients.

But this long lay off has meant that new enquiries have dried up pretty badly, and just like any other business this will be a major challenge for us.

So if you know someone who needs advice about an accidentplease be a sport and put them in touch!

Paul Mulderrig can be reached any time on  07772084413







£4500 Settlement For Injured Supermarket Shopper


Jane Hogarth from Rossendale was shopping in Asda with her daughter just after Christmas.

One of the supermarket staff had left a pump truck behind one of the displays with its forks sticking out into the aisle.

And as Jane was browsing the shelves a result she tripped over the fork of the pump truck and fell and injured her right shoulder and hip.

She went to the local walk in centre where she was reassured there was nothing broken.

Jane consulted Mulderrigs after the accident and we agreed to deal with her case on “no win no fee” terms.

We obtained an independent medical report which said it would take up to 18 months for Jane to recover from the various soft tissue injuries.

Once we sent this report to Asda they agreed to negotiate with us.

We recently helped Jane settle her claim £4500.

If you know someone who needs advice about a supermarket accident please feel free to put them in touch.


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A “LockDown” Champagne Giveaway!

Great News – The online champagne stores are still open!

So we’re giving away a bottles bottle of bubbles to two lucky winners.

So to enter our draw please email  with the words:-

Keep Calm And Carry On!

We will notify the winners on 22nd May.









Mulderrigs Renew London Office Contract

Mulderrigs have been representing accident victims in London and the South East for over 20 years.

And despite the enormous challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic we are determined to continue with that work.

The contract on our London office  next month, but we are delighted to have renewed the agreement for another twelve months.

The office is at 90 Long Acre, Covent Garden, right by the tube and very convenient for our London clients.

So if we are ever allowed out of lockdown it looks like Mr M can look forward to spending more time on the Avanti West Coast Mainline!