An Injured Passenger – A Football Injury – And Another Champagne Draw!

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An Injured Passenger – A Football Injury – And Another Champagne Draw!





£21500 Settlement For Injured Passenger

Mr Ogden from Lancashire was badly injured whilst travelling as a passenger in a car driven by his wife.

Unfortunately his wife was distracted whilst driving, didn’t notice that the car in front had stopped and collided heavily with the rear of the other car.

In car accident cases it is very common for injured passengers to bring claims against a driver who happens to be a friend or family member. Of course, the driver is usually covered by insurance so it isn’t the friend or family member who ends up paying out the compensation!

Joanne Smith took on Mr Ogden’s case and his wife’s insurers admitted liability for the accident as soon as we got in touch.

Mr Ogden had suffered a fracture of his L2 vertebrae and aggravated some other pre-existing back problems. He also suffered fractures of several fingers.

We obtained expert medical evidence about his injuries and just a few days ago helped him settle his claim for around £21500.









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£22000 Settlement For Injured Footballer

Mr Cooney was the goalkeeper for his local Sunday League team in South Wales.

During a game in January 2017 he came out to the edge of his box to collect a long ball knocked forward by the opposing team.

But after he had safely caught the ball the opposition centre forward lunged at him with two feet of the ground and studs raised. He clattered into Mr Cooney at mid-shin height.

The referee was close by and issued a straight red card, sending the centre forward off the field.

Mr Cooney was taken off to hospital where it emerged that he had suffered fractures of both the tibia and fibula in his left leg. He needed surgery to insert metalwork to correct the fractures, and then he was away from his work as an assistant store manager for several months.

Paul Mulderrig has been specialising in claims for injured footballers for over twenty years, and he agreed to take on Mr Cooney’s claim.

Paul travelled to South Wales to obtain detailed statements from Mr Cooney, the referee and all the witnesses.

A detailed Letter of Claim was sent to the offending player and once his insurers saw all the evidence they admitted responsibility for Mr Cooney’s injuries.

We obtained expert medical evidence and details of Mr Cooney’s loss of earnings.

We then entered negotiations with the insurers and we were able to help Mr Cooney settle his claim for around £22000 just a couple of weeks ago.

(The name of clients used in this newsletter have been changed)