Claim For A Pavement Accident

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Claim For A Pavement Accident


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Do you need to make a pavement accident claim?

Injuries caused by potholes and dangerous pavements are very common.

The Beatles once sang about 4000 holes in Blackburn Lancashire.

But they could have picked any other town and they would still have been right!

If you have been injured after falling on a dangerous pavement you may have grounds to claim compensation.

And we will be happy to help.


The Law on claiming compensation for a pavement accident

Councils have a legal duty  under the Highways Act to maintain the highways and pavements in their area.

And if you have been injured because they have failed in that duty you may have grounds for making a claim.

But these cases are difficult.

The council only have a duty to be reasonable, not perfect.

Usually it is necessary for the dangerous pavement to stick up by at least an inch or more, and any pothole need to be at least an inch deep.

Another difficulty is that the council will not be held responsible if they have a reasonable system of inspection and maintenance.

In lots of cases the council send out large bundles of records in an effort to show that they have a system of regular inspections.

And it requires an experienced lawyer to go these documents carefully in order to investigate the strengths and weaknesses in the case.


Making a claim for compensation for a pavement accident

If you have been involved in a pavement accident there are some sensible steps which you should take straight away.

You should:-

Take clear photographs of the hazard which has caused the accident.

It is often sensible to put a ruler into the photographs to prove the size of the hazard.

Look around the scene to check whether the accident might have been caught on any CCTV.

Make sure you have an accurate record of the exact time and place of the accident.

If anyone witnessed the accident make sure you have all their contact details.

Report the accident to the council.

And ask them to send you a copy of their record of the accident.

Get medical attention for your injuries as soon as possible.

And make sure the doctor writes an accurate description of what happened.

And  of course….. contact Mulderrigs!


What about claims against other contractors like the utility companies?

Lots of other organisations dig up the roads and pavements whilst going about their business.

These may include as the electricity, gas and water companies.

But it might also include other building contractors who have been appointed by the council.

The laws we have mentioned here apply in exactly the same way to all these contractors.

So you may have fallen because the water company left the pavement uneven.

Or you may have fallen into a hole in the road because the gas company left it unlit or un-fenced.

We are here to help in those cases too.


Why choose Mulderrigs for your pavement accident claim

As we have already explained making a claim for a pavement accident can be a complex business.

So it is important to choose the right expert.

Mulderrigs have been dealing with successful pavement accident claims for over twenty five years.

And we are always happy to work on “no win no fee” terms.


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