Solicitors Negligence In Personal Injury


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Solicitors Negligence In Personal Injury

Mulderrigs have recovered millions of pounds in solicitors negligence cases relating to personal injury claims.

These claims can arise in various ways.

Missed Limitation In Personal Injury Claims

Most personal injury claims have an important “limitation” deadline.

In many (but not all) cases the limitation date is three years from the date of the accident.

Claims becomes “statute barred” if court proceedings aren’t started before the limitation date .

Once a case becomes statute barred it is very difficult (sometimes impossible) to continue.

So if your solicitors don’t commence court proceedings before the limitation date you may have grounds for a claim.

Other Missed Deadlines In Personal Injury Claims

The courts sets lots of other deadlines in personal injury claims.

These include deadlines for the service of witness statements, documents and medical evidence.

And the courts impose very serious penalties when the deadlines aren’t met.

These penalties can be very costly.

And in the most serious cases the court can strike out a claim all together.

So you may be able claim compensation if this has happened to you.

Under Settlement In Personal Injury Claims

Calculating the right amount of compensation in a personal injury is complicated.

It may be necessary to obtain expert medical evidence.

Ad in a serious case it is common to see medical evidence from four or more experts.

Valuation of the claim is also likely to involve calculations of past and future loss of earnings.

In serious personal injury cases it is usually sensible to obtain expert advice from a specialist barrister.

If your personal injury claim has been under settled you may be able to make a claim.

Unqualified Staff Dealing With Personal Injury Claims

In 2013 there were some major changes to the court rules.

These changes reduced the fees that personal injury solicitors get paid.

As a result many junior staff were appointed to deal with complex personal injury cases.

And this led to many personal injury claims being mishandled.

The Law On Solicitors Negligence In Personal Injury Claims

All solicitors have a legal duty to take reasonable care when handling their clients’ cases.

If your solicitors negligence has caused you to suffer a loss you may be able to claim compensation.

But solicitors negligence cases are very difficult to prove.

It is necessary to show that the solicitor’s work fell below the standard expected from any reasonable solicitor.

And it is harder to prove than it sounds!

So if you are thinking about making a claim you need expert advice.

Why Instruct Mulderrigs In Your Solicitors Negligence Claim

Mulderrigs have dealt with lots of solicitors negligence claims arising from personal injury cases

We will be able to tell you very quickly whether or not we can help.

Our initial advice is always free.

So please just get in touch.

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