Nursing Home Neglect

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Nursing Home Neglect Claim


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Nursing homes have a legal duty to look after their residents.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) monitors nursing homes.

The CQC publish reports about their visits to each nursing home on their website.

And the CQC reports may contain helpful information to help with a case.

But some nursing homes fall way below the required standard of care.

And some nursing homes are just badly run from top to bottom.

But, whatever the explanation the neglect of an elderly resident is never acceptable.

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Pressure sores or ulcers

Nursing home residents can develop pressure sores and ulcers if they are not properly looked after.

These problems can get out of control very quickly if expert medical treatment is not given.

Pressure sores can often be an indicator that there has been other neglect.

The risk from pressure sores is increased for residents who spend long periods in bed.

And residents with health problems such as diabetes or skin problems are also at high risk.

So the nursing home should have:-

  • Properly trained staff.
  • Detailed care plans.
  • Records showing that care plans are being followed.
  • Access to expert medical support.

Medication & prescription error

Nursing home residents often take lots of medication.

They are often unable to manage their medication for themselves.

And nursing home residents can suffer serious illness if they aren’t given the correct medication.

Nursing homes have a legal duty to ensure that residents get the correct medication.

So where a nursing home fails to provide medication it may be possible to claim compensation.

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Monitoring diet

Every nursing home has a legal duty to make sure that residents are eating and drinking properly.

Elderly residents can suffer dehydration, distress and confusion if they don’t eat or drink properly.

And in the worst cases residents can suffer weight loss and malnutrition.

A nursing home that fails to monitor a resident’s eating and drinking may well be in breach of its legal duty.

Initial advice.

Nursing home neglect cases can be very complex.

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