Hairdresser Claim

Hairdresser Claim

Mulderrigs are the experts for your hairdresser claim.

We have successfully dealt with over 200 claims against negligent hairdressers.

We all have a ‘bad hair day’ from time to time.

But sometimes a negligent hairdresser can cause serious damage to a person’s hair. Sometimes they even burns or other injuries to the client’s head and scalp.

It can take several years for damaged hair to return to normal. In those cases it may be possible to claim against the  negligent hairdresser.

Claims against hairdressers are a very specialised area of the law.  But our expert lawyers have many years’ experience in these cases.

The damage caused by a negligent hairdresser can be very painful.  It can also cause serious embarrassment, stressand loss of confidence.

We have an excellent track record in recovering compensation for our clients in claims against hairdressers.

We have tried to answer some of your questions on this page. But there is no substitute for picking up the phone and having a chat. So please just get in touch.

Our director  Joanne Smith talks about handling claims against hairdressers.