Hair Damage Claims

Claiming Compensation For Hair Damage

Mulderrigs are the experts for all types of hair damage claims.

We have dealt with over three hundred successful claims against negligent hairdressers.

Anyone can have a ‘bad hair day’ from time to time.

But sometimes a negligent hairdresser can cause serious damage to the hair.

And it can take several years for damaged hair to grow back to normal.

Sometimes a negligent hairdresser can even cause burns to the client’s head and scalp.

The damage caused by a negligent hairdresser can be very painful.

It can also cause serious embarrassment, stress and loss of confidence.

In cases like this it may be possible to claim against the  negligent hairdresser.

The Law On Hair Damage Compensation Claims

Hairdressers have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their clients.

This is particularly important when using bleaches, colours and other hair products which can be very dangerous if not used properly.

But suing a hairdresser is a very specialised area of the law.

So it is essential to instruct a solicitor with the right expertise.

Why Choose Mulderrigs For Your Hair Damage Claim?

Mulderrigs have an excellent track record in recovering compensation for our clients in claims against hairdressers.

We have dealt with over three hundred successful hair damage claims.

Joanne Smith and her team have many years’ experience in these cases.

Jo and the hair experts (trichologists) she works with are able to help clients anywhere in England & Wales.

Get Free Advice Now – No Win No Fee

We have tried to answer some of your basic questions here.

But  in hair damage claims there is no substitute for having a detailed chat.

So call us today.

Our initial advice is completely free.

And we are always happy to work on “no win no fee” terms.

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