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Claiming Compensation For An Amputation Injury

If you need advice about an amputation claim Mulderrigs are here to help.

We can’t change what has happened. But we might be able to help you put your life back together.

Our expert solicitors have been handling amputation claims for over twenty-five years.

It is not uncommon for these very serious injury claims to be settled for more than £1,000,000.

Accidents Leading To Amputation Injuries

Accidents leading to the amputation of limbs can arise in all sorts of situations.

Lower limb amputation claims are often associated with motorcycle accidents, and  cycling accidents.

Amputation claims involving upper limbs are often associated with dangerous machines at work.

Loss of Earnings In Amputation Claims

An amputation injury often leads to a massive loss of earnings.

And even after a returning to work many clients face lengthy future absences from work.

Clients who have undergone an amputation are usually at a permanent disadvantage on the job market.

There are lots of jobs in the workplace that they are now unable to apply for.

They often also retire from work far sooner than they would have liked.

So our expert solicitors are very experienced at preparing detailed calculations of past and future loss of earnings.

Prosthetics (Artificial Limbs) In Amputation Claims

There have been massive improvements in prosthetic technology in recent years.

So many people who undergo an amputation as a result of an accident can return to a very active lifestyle.

The achievements of athletes at the Paralympics and the Invictus Games show just what can be achieved.

But the cost of  providing the best prosthetics can easily amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

So it is essential to obtain detailed expert evidence about prosthetics.

And the expert’s evidence must include a calculation of future costs for the rest of our client’s life.



Aids & Equipment In Amputation Claims

Clients who have undergone an amputation often need lots of aids and appliances to help with day-to-day living.

This may include things like: wheelchairs, specialist showers, stair lifts, automatic vehicles.

Once again, the lifetime cost of providing these aids can be enormous.

So you should instruct a solicitor who is very familiar with amputation claims.

Psychological / Psychiatric Injury In Amputation Claims

Clients in amputation claims are often left with permanent pain and financial difficulties.

So psychological or psychiatric problems are very common.

This should be investigated by proper experts.

It can be a major part of any claim.

But more importantly it can lead to our client getting the treatment they need.

Compensation For Care In Amputation Claims

Many of our clients in amputation claims have had lots of unpaid care from friends and family.

Friends and family make meals, do housework or act as an unofficial taxi service.

In addition,  the travelling expenses and hospital parking charges can amount to thousands of pounds.

And all of this can be claimed back if the case is successful.

Our clients often also have a permanent need for future care.

This can include things like cleaning or gardening which they will now have to pay for.

The cost of future care can add thousands of pounds to the value of an amputation claim.

Future Treatment

Clients who have undergone an amputation often face extensive future treatment.

This may involve physiotherapy, further surgery, psychological treatment and so on.

The cost of future treatment can be massive.

So it is essential to include a detailed calculation in any claim.

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An accident involving an amputation is a terrible ordeal.

And if you are considering a claim there is a great deal for us to talk about.

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