Keep Calm And Carry On!

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Keep Calm And Carry On! As Covid Lockdown Strikes Again

Unfortunately the Mulderrigs HQ in Rossendale is within the new Covid lockdown area in the North West which was announced late on 30th July.

But over the last few months our fab staff have already demonstrated their amazing commitment to getting on with things as normally as possible.

And our clients have shown remarkable patience and understanding in the face of the changes which have been imposed on us all.

We’ll be be doing our best to keep calm and carry on.

So if you or any of your friends need any advice about an accident please just get in touch.









We Have Ways Of Making You Talk!

Some bright news from Chez Mulderrig yesterday to lighten the Covid gloom as daughter Freya celebrated her graduation in Speech & Language Therapy.

Mr M was particularly chuffed because she’d studied at his old gaff, Manchester University

…. And she even let him try the hat on!







£4500 Settlement For Hair Disaster

Mulderrigs have developed a national reputation in the niche area of hair damage claims over the last twenty years. We have represented hundreds and hundreds of clients in successful claims.

For most people a “bad hair” day or a disappointing result  at the hairdresser is just one of those things to be shrugged off.

But the perms, colours and bleaches  used in salons can be extremely dangerous if not used properly.

And sometimes things go horribly wrong, leaving people with hair that will take several years to grow back to its pre-damaged condition.

Sarah Kershaw worked at a salon and one of the major product manufacturers came in to do a demonstration.

The rep asked Sarah if she could demonstrate a new colour product by colouring her roots. Sarah agreed but the rep then went ahead without carrying out any tests and then left the product on for far too long.

Sarah’s hair was badly damaged as a result, and our hair expert (a trichologist) said that it would take several years to return to normal.

Hairdressers have a legal duty to take care for their clients when applying these dangerous products and it seemed clear to us that there had been a breach of duty in this case.

So we agreed to take on the case on “no win no fee” terms.

The insurers for the salon initially denied any liability for the damage. But once we presented our expert evidence they agreed to negotiate with us and Sarah accepted an offer of £4500 in settlement of her claim.

If you know anyone who needs advice about a claim for a hair disaster please feel free to put them in touch with us.

(The name of our client has been changed)







Win Another Bottle Of Bubbles In Our Monthly Draw

We’re giving away another bottle of bubbles to one lucky winner this month.

And we’re sticking with The Graduate theme.

So to enter our draw please email  with the code words:-

Here’s To You Mrs Robinson

We will notify our winner on or before 28 August.

Last month’s winner, with his “YNWA” entry was an actual Liverpool supporter, and another old mate, Graham!

We’ll expect a pic of him holding his winnings and dressed  in his Liverpool shirt in time for next month.