£35000 Settlement For Injured Cyclist

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£35000 Settlement For Injured Cyclist

Warren Kenyon is a very regular cyclist – commuting over 20 miles per day to and from his work in central London.

One afternoon in June 2019 he was was cycling home from work in Stoke Newington when an oncoming motorist turned right across his path and he was knocked off the bike.

As a result of the accident Warren suffered a fracture to his left elbow and a dislocated left shoulder. He had to undergo surgery to repair the damage to his elbow.

He contacted us very shortly after the accident and we agreed to deal with his case on “no win no fee” terms.

All motorists have a legal duty to take care for the safety of other road users, and it was clear that the motorist was entirely responsible for this accident.

We wrote a Letter of Claim to the insurers for the motorist and they quickly admitted liability for the accident.

We then obtained expert medical evidence about Warren’s injuries – fortunately he made a very swift and very good recovery.

We disclosed the medical evidence to the insurers and after a short period of negotiation we helped Warren settle his claim for over £35,000.

If you know someone who needs advice about a cycling accident please feel free to put them in touch.

(The name of our client has been changed).


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