Under Settled Injury Claim – £20000 Settlement

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Under Settled Personal Injury Claim

Mr Bartu consulted Mulderrigs about his under settled personal injury claim.

He had been knocked off his motorcycle by a careless driver and suffered a very serious leg injury.

His insurance company appointed solicitors to deal with his personal injury claim.

Personal Injury solicitors have a legal duty to their clients to conduct matters with a reasonable standard of competence.

But these solicitors did a terrible job.

They never arranged to meet Mr Bartu face to face, didn’t investigate the case properly and didn’t obtain the necessary medical evidence.

As a result Mr Bartu received thousands of pounds less compensation than he should have got.

So Mulderrigs took on the claim against the negligent solicitor and we agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

We obtained expert medical evidence about his injury and details of his financial losses.

The insurers for the solicitors denied any negligence.

So we brought court proceedings on behalf of  our client.

 The insurers agreed to negotiate as the case was approaching trial.

Mr Bartu then accepted an offer of £20000 in settlement of his claim.