£60,000 Solicitor’s Negligence Settlement

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Mr Hindley ran a successful business selling second-hand washing machines and other white goods from his warehouse and a market stall in the North West.

He had a deal with a large wholesaler to buy containers full of machines on the basis that about half would be fit to repair and sell on while the other half would only be fit to break up for parts. After a change in personnel at the wholesaler the quality of stock dropped off dramatically and the machines supplied to Mr Handley started to be almost 100% scrap.

Understandably, Mr Hindley quickly fell out with the supplier; they sued him for unpaid invoices and he counter-claimed for the losses he suffered through receiving sub-standard stock.

He contacted a law firm in Oldham and they allocated the case to a trainee who got things wrong right from the outset; the advice about the law was wrong, important evidence wasn’t prepared and then on the eve of the trial the solicitors said they wouldn’t represent Mr Hindley at court!

Mr Hindley bravely represented himself at court and even though he was up against an experienced barrister he was successful in getting the supplier’s claim against him dismissed.

But because of his solicitor’s mistakes his own counter-claim worth thousands of pounds was also dismissed.

Mr Hindley consulted Mulderrigs about a solicitors’ negligence claim against the firm and Paul Mulderrig agreed to take on the case.

Even though their mistakes were quite blatant, the solicitors and their insurers refused to accept liability.

We gathered all the necessary evidence including specialist accountancy evidence to prove his losses and instructed a barrister with experience in claims for solicitors’ negligence.

We then brought court proceedings against the solicitors on Mr Hindley’s behalf.

Although the solicitors continued to deny any responsibility we helped our client negotiate a settlement of £60,000 as the case approached trial.