£675,000 For Serious Motorcycle Accident

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£675,000 For Serious Motorcycle Accident

Mr Leabrook instructed Paul Mulderrig following his serious motorcycle accident.

He suffered catastrophic leg injuries as a result of a motorcycle accident in Littleborough, Greater Manchester.

Mr Leabrook was riding along the main road at a sensible speed.

But a motorist then pulled out of a junction on the opposite side of the road at high speed.

He was knocked off his bike and suffered terrible injuries to both legs.

Mr Leabrook initially consulted two other solicitors who claimed to be “national experts in motorcycle claims”.

But these solicitors told him he had no case.

Luckily, someone recommended Mulderrigs.

Paul Mulderrig agreed to deal with the case on “no win no fee” terms.

We gathered all the evidence to show that the other driver was largely to blame for the accident.

Witnesses to the accident were interviewed and provided detailed statements.

We also obtained the detailed police investigation report.

A number of medical experts delivered reports to prove the severity of Mr Leabrook’s injuries.

The insurers for the car driver would not accept liability for the accident.

So we brought court proceedings on behalf of Mr Leabrook.

We arranged for him to be represented by Mr Richard Hartley QC (a very senior barrister).

The insurers agreed to enter into negotiations as the trial was approaching.

So a Joint Settlement Meeting was arranged.

After lengthy negotiations Mr Leabrook accepted a settlement of £675,000.