Rossendale Slipping Accident Settlement – £100,000

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Rossendale client’s slipping accident at a well known bakers

Miss Morton suffered a serious slipping accident at the Rossendale branch of a national chain of bakery shops.

She was walking into the shop early one rainy morning when she slipped on the sloping tiles at the entrance to the shop.

She fell heavily to the ground and suffered a very serious fracture of her ankle.

Miss Morton had a very long road to recovery and had to undergo several operations.

Occupiers of shops and supermarkets (and other buildings open to the public) have a legal duty to take care for the safety of visitors. (Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957)

It was clear that bakers were in breach of their duty in this case.

The entrance to the shop was sloping, slippery and dangerous.

So Diane Hamilton took on the claim for Mrs Morton.

Diane brought a claim in the county court on her behalf.

She obtained reports from medical experts about the injury

We then negotiated a final settlement of over £100,000 for Miss Morton.

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