£50,000 For Rossendale Factory Worker

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A Rossendale factory accident

Mr Cheam from Rossendale was working in a factory when was involved in an accident.

The accident

The factory was generally disorganised and untidy.

One day our client tripped over the hose of a welding torch which had been left trailing across one of the walkways.

His knee was badly injured and he had to undergo surgery to correct the damage.

Legal liability

Employers have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their employees.

There are detailed regulations that impose a duty to keep “traffic routes”  in a safe condition and free from obstructions.

So the employer’s breach of duty was clear.

The insurers quickly admitted responsibility for the accident once we got involved.

The settlement

We obtained evidence from a medical expert and details of our client’s loss of earnings.

We issued court proceedings for Mr Cheam and helped him reach a settlement of £50,000 before the case came to trial.

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