Failed Perm Claim £5500 Settlement

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Perm Damage Claim – £5500 Settlement

Julie Hunter instructed Mulderrigs to pursue her perm damage claim following a disastrous trip to her salon.

She had never had her hair permed before.

So when she decided to try a permed style she relied on her regular local salon in Lincoln.

Perm solutions are very abrasive and can cause serious damage to the hair and scalp if they are not used properly.

So a competent hairdresser should conduct a strand test on the client’s before going ahead.

But in Julie’s case the hairdresser didn’t carry out any strand tests even though it was the first time Julie had undergone a perm.

Julie could tell straight away that something had gone badly wrong.

And the hairdresser was so embarrassed at the state of her hair that she didn’t even ask Julie to pay.

Within a day or two Julie’s hair looked burnt and frizzy.

It was snapping off in places and had to have a lot of her hair cut off.

The Law

All hairdressers have a legal duty to take care  for the safety of their clients.

This is particularly important when the hairdresser is using dangerous products such as perming solution.

But suing a hairdresser is a complex business.

So it is essential to instruct a solicitor with the right experience.

Joanne Smith and her team have dealt with hundreds of successful claims against negligent hairdressers.

So she agreed to take on the case and she agreed to work on “no win no fee” terms.

But the success of hair damage claims is also dependent on getting helpful evidence from a hair expert – a trichologist.

In Julie’s case the expert was very critical of  the hairdresser.

He said that tests should have been done before the perm started.

He also said that the perming solution had been left on for too long.

So there was a clear breach of duty by the hairdresser.

The expert estimated that it would take around three years for Julie’s hair to return to normal.

The salon’s insurers admitted liability quickl.

And we helped Julie settle her claim for over £5,500.00.


Jo Smith talks about hair claims on Youtube