£5,500 Settlement For Bacup Motorcyclist

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Motorcycle Accident Rossendale

Mike Winterton from Bacup  was involved in a motorcycle accident near Strangeways prison in Manchester.

He was ‘filtering’ past slow moving traffic when a car driver pulled out of the line of traffic without checking his mirrors causing a collision.

Responsibility for an accident can be difficult to sort out in cases where the biker is filtering (i.e. overtaking stationary or slow-moving traffic).

The result depends on things like:-

  • How fast was the biker going?
  • How fast was the other traffic moving?
  • Was the vehicle over centre-line?
  • Were any warning signals given?

In this case, we investigated all the evidence carefully for Mr Winterton.

We then persuaded the insurers for the car driver that liability should be 75/25 in Mr Winterton’s favour- about the best possible result in the circumstances.

Our client suffered leg and hand injuries, so we obtained expert medical evidence and details of his loss of earnings.

We helped him recover £5,500 in compensation.

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