Motorcycle Accident – £200,000 For Injured Biker

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Motorcycle Accident Amputation Claim – £200,000 For Injured Biker

Mulderrigs represented Miss Charcol from the Reading area in a motorcycle accident amputation claim.

We dealt with the case on “no win no fee” terms.

Miss Charcol was riding home from work when a car emerged from a garage forecourt into her path.

Liability For The Accident

The driver completely denied responsibility for the accident.

He claimed that another car had flashed the lights to allow him to pull out.

In addition to this, he claimed that our client was over the centre line and riding too fast.

We have handled lots of motorcycle accidents, including lots of cases where the biker was “filtering” past stationary traffic.

So we  investigated the evidence very carefully.

We obtained the detailed police investigation report and interviewed several eye witnesses.

But the witnesses weren’t very helpful.

A specialist barrister reviewed the evidence and said that the case was very difficult.

But we opened negotiations with the insurers and our client reached a 50-50 settlement with them.

The Injury

Miss Charcol suffered catastrophic injuries to her lower left leg which had to be amputated.

As a result she was away from work for many months and eventually had to change her career.

We obtained expert evidence about her injury, her employment prospects and her housing needs.

The insurers agreed to negotiate once we presented all the evidence.

Miss Charcol the accepted a settlement offer of over £200,000.