Medical Negligence – Hip Surgery – 34K

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Medical Negligence – Hip Surgery Error – £34500 Settlement

Mr Massie brought his medical negligence claim to Mulderrigs.

He is a retired farmer from Lancaster and he suffered complications caused by a hip replacement operation.

Mr Massie suffers from osteoarthritis and was told by doctors that he needed surgery to replace both his left and right hip.

The initial surgery, to replace his left hip, went well but after the second operation Mr Massie was left with severe pain in his leg and numbness to his foot.

It transpired that during the second operation Mr Massie’s surgeon had accidentally perforated his sciatic nerve.

The surgeon’s mistake led to Mr Massie developing ‘foot drop’. A condition which meant that Mr Massie could not walk properly and was forced to spend over eighteen months wearing various leg and foot splints.

Mr Massie also had to undergo several ‘clean-up’ surgeries in order to repair the damage that had been done. Despite all of this treatment Mr Massie still suffers pain and numbness in his leg today.

The doctors involved quickly admitted their liability and after gathering all of the necessary evidence Mulderrigs we’re able to settle Mr Massie’s medical negligence claim out of court for £34,500.