Head Injury Claim For Pedestrian – £500000 Settlement

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Head Injury Claim For Pedestrian – £500000 Settlement

Mr Wilkins was knocked down by a motorist while crossing the road in Derbyshire.

As a result of the accident he suffered a very serious head injury.

The case was difficult because he had been drinking; the accident happened in the early hours of New Years’ Day.

But we agreed to take on the claim and we agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

We gathered very detailed evidence from the police who had attended the scene.

In addition to that we interviewed all the witnesses.

An accident investigator also prepared a report about the case.

All this evidence helped us prove that the car driver should have seen our client, and could have avoided the collision.

Various medical experts prepared detailed reports about our client’s injury.

We also prepared a detailed calculation of the past and future loss of earnings.

The insurers then agreed to enter negotiations with us.

Mr Wilkins then accepted a settlement offer of over £500,000.