Hair Disaster Ruins Wedding

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Hair Disaster Ruins Wedding

Tracy Martin asked Mulderrigs to deal with her claim following a hair disaster.

She had visited a local hairdresser three weeks before her wedding to get her hair chemically straightened ready for the big day.

It was Tracy’s first visit to the salon.

But the hairdresser went ahead with the treatment without carrying out any strand tests or skin tests.

Tracy immediately realised that something had gone badly wrong because her hair felt dry and frizzy.

Her hair became very weak and began to snap off.

Mulderrigs have dealt with hundreds of successful hair claims against negligent hairdressers.

So we agreed to deal with Tracy’s case on “no win no fee” terms.

Obtaining  favourable evidence from a trichologist (a hair specialist) is usually the key to success in most hair claims.

So we arranged for a trichologist to examine Tracy and prepare a report.

The expert confirmed that the hairdresser had used the wrong chemicals.

He also confirmed that the hairdresser had left the chemicals on Tracy’s hair for too long.

As a result of this her hair was over-processed.

Tracy’s was very upset about the damage to her hair.

She felt like her hen-night, wedding day and honeymoon had all been ruined.

The  hairdresser’s insurers admitted liability as soon as Mulderrigs began working on the claim.

Tracy reached a settlement of £24,500.

(We have changed the name of our client and used a stock image to protect her privacy).

Jo Smith talks about hair damage claims on Youtube - mulderrigs solicitors

Jo Smith talks about hair damage claims on YouTube