Cycling Accident In London – £4000 Settlement

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Cycling Accident In London – £4000 Settlement

Maggie Brandon asked Mulderrigs to deal with her cycling accident claim following an accident in London.

She was cycling in Richmond Park when she was knocked off her bike.

A car driver failed to give way at a roundabout and drove into collision with Maggie’s bike.

Maggie was knocked about but luckily escaped with only minor injuries.

But her bike was badly damaged.

So we took on Maggie’s claim against the careless driver.

We agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

The insurers for the careless driver quickly admitted liability for the accident.

We obtained expert medical evidence about Maggie’s injuries and an estimate for the cost of replacing her bike.

The insurers then agreed to negotiate with us.

We helped Maggie recover over £4000 in settlement of her claim.