Claim For Fall On Stairs- 20K Settlement

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Claim For Fall On Stairs – 20K Settlement

Mrs Henningan was injured in an accident at work.

She was working in a hotel in Newcastle upon Tyne and slipped on a dangerous stairway.

Mrs Hennigan suffered injuries to her back, neck and arm.

Claims for accidents at work involving falls on stairs can be complex.

Employers have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their employees.

But it is a duty to be reasonable, not a duty to be perfect.

So sometimes an injury can be caused by a pure accident where no one is at fault.

But we have dealt with hundreds of claims for accidents at work.

Mrs Hennigan provided a detailed statement and we obtained photographs of the dangerous stairs.

So we were sure that the stairs in this case were dangerous.

We were happy to take on the case, and we agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

A detailed Letter of Claim was sent to the insurers for the hotel, but they denied liability for the accident.

Medical experts provided us with evidence about our client’s injuries.

Then we issued court proceedings for our client.

The insurers for the hotel then entered into negotiations with us.

Mrs Hennigan accepted a settlement offer of £20,000 following those negotiations.