Rossendale Client Wins £200,000 After Fall From Lorry

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Accident At Work Rossendale

Charlie Hailey from Bacup in Rossendale consulted Mulderrigs about his workplace accident.

He was working as an HGV driver when the accident happened.

The platform at the back of his wagon was muddy and slippery from a visit to a motorway site.

As a result he slipped and fell from the back of his truck whilst unloading.

The Law

All employers have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their employees at work.

They should make a proper assessment of any risks involved and operate a safe system of work.

The employer should also provide safe equipment.

In Charlie’s case no proper risk assessments had been carried out by his employer.

In addition to that Charlie had not been provided with appropriate safety footwear.

It seemed clear to us that there had been a breach of the employer’s legal duty in this case.

So when Charlie asked us to deal with his compensation claim we agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

The Claim

Charlie suffered a very serious injury to his knee as a result of the accident.

He had to undergo surgery to correct the damage.

As a result of the injury he was unable to return to work as an HGV driver and had to change jobs.

We obtained detailed expert medical evidence about Charlie’s injuries.

A detailed calculation of his future loss of earnings was also prepared.

We then brought a court action against his employers.

The insurers then agreed to negotiate with us and we helped Charlie reach a settlement of over £200,000.


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