£35000 For Bacup Client’s Accident At Work

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Accident at work Bacup

Mr Hanley from Bacup was involved in an accident whilst working for a glazing company on a building site.

The main contractor had left the paths around the site in a dangerous condition and our client tripped over a concrete block that was sticking up in the path.

Liability for the accident

As the occupiers of the site the main contractors had a duty to take care for the safety of our client.

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 also impose a strict duty to make sure that “traffic routes” (anywhere a person might walk) are kept safe.

So the contractors were clearly in breach of their duties, and we were happy to take on Mr Hanley’s claim.

The injury

Mr Hanley suffered a serious injury to his thumb and had to undergo surgery to fuse the joint.

The medical evidence was made complicated because he’d suffered a previous injury to that hand.

Once we had all the expert medical evidence and details of our client’s financial losses we brought county court proceedings.

The settlement

As the case was approaching a trial we negotiated a settlement of £35000 on behalf of our client.

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